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Bonus: Growing crystals, bobby pins, and how should we address the Hulk?

In his month's bonus episode, Melissa and Jam respond to comments and questions about how to grow crystals, details about snowflake formation, a little tiny bit of discussion about blackholes, and more!

Does carbonation have a taste?

This week, Melissa and Jam discuss part of an often requested topic: carbonation. Does it have a taste? Like why does carbonated water taste different than flat water? And what is carbonation in the first place? Does it give you unusually long life? How is it so refreshing? We answer some of those questions.

The sea is rising? Should I be scared? (with Renee Collini)

This week, Melissa, Jam, and very special guest Renee Collini (Melissa's sister) delve into the important topic of sea-level rise. What causes it to rise? What affect will it have on the world? How should we feel about it? Is there anything we can do as regular people?

What do rainbows and mirages have in common?

This week, Melissa and Jam explore three very different, but related, light phenomena. We'll discuss situations when light can be bent, slowed down, and even broken. It's gonna be lit.

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